Automated Document Stamping

Software for fully automatic stamping of PDF documents with QR codes, barcodes or individual graphics. E.g. for automatic QR code stamps on incoming invoices.

Unlock Resources

Integrate QStamper as part of your process optimization and unlock new employee resources by automating time-consuming manual stamping, printing and marking processes regarding your document workflows.

Cost Reduction

Placing stickers, analog stamping or the printing and rescanning of documents consumes resources that you can save. With QStamper there is a possibility to avoid printing documents entirely.


By reducing the consumption of physical resources, such as paper, ink or labels, your company can also protect the planet and the environment. Integrate QStamper into your processes as part of your corporate social responsibility strategy.


Automatically stamp PDF documents with barcodes, QR codes or graphics
Document-specific stamp content
Fully automatic, intelligent and configurable placement of the stamp in free areas of the document
Freely configurable, multi-line text labels with document-specific content above, below and within the stamp
Definition of protected areas where no stamping takes place
Configurable consideration of page margins
Possibility to partially stamp over document content
Form fields / input fields such as text fields or checkboxes, which can be filled in digitally and automatically in the further process
Automatic numbering by configuring your own pagination stamps for consecutive Bates numbering or other document numbering systems NEW
A document with a green stamp and red transparent areas where you do not want to stamp.
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Privacy & Data Protection

QStamper is 100% GDPR compliant and does not require any special order processing contracts, as it is operated as an on-premise solution in your own IT environment.

Document processing is done entirely on your devices and no content or metadata of the processed documents is transferred to external servers. This means that all personal data or other sensitive operational information remains exclusively on your systems.

Integration with your processes


For automated processing, QStamper provides a hotfolder service that automatically stamps new documents and moves them to appropriate output directories. This allows the stamping process to be seamlessly integrated into existing workflows. Any number of hotfolder services can be operated in parallel.


Convenient integration options are available for the JobRouter workflow management solution. Individual processes or interfaces for generating stamp contents or checking read-out information can be integrated using process variables, execution rules and the JobStart module.


You need an individual integration into your existing processes or software stacks? QStamper can be operated via hotfolder services or started on demand via command line for individual documents. We provide you with technical support for the integration and, if required, also provide you with customized integration solutions.

Use cases

QStamper can be seamlessly integrated into your existing processes, software stacks or workflow management solutions such as JobRouter or Camunda via various integration options such as hotfolder services or through individual control. In this way, QStamper can easily work together with your existing workflows and systems for your individual deployment scenario and also drive your digitization processes.

With the automatic recognition of free areas and the intelligent placement of the stamp, QStamper is particularly suitable for third-party documents such as incoming invoices or delivery bills where no fixed place can be defined for the desired stamp.

Automated stamping of barcodes or QR codes enables a document to be marked and assigned to a specific operation or entity, such as departments or employees. QStamper is used, for example, in freight forwarding companies by marking delivery bills via barcode and assigning them to a specific tour.

Individual stamps can be used in the form of graphics, for example, as digital company stamps, receipt stamps or as account assignment stamps in internal logistics during goods receipt, order picking or goods issue.

In addition, interactive form fields can also be integrated into stamps so that, for example, account assignment stamps can be automated in the further process or filled in on digital terminals.

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